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profesor de eumes

Academic Director

Trained at the Joaquim Rodrigo de Valencia and Municipal de Barcelona music conservatories, he has received the Honor Award for the specialty of Harmony from the former. Later he broadened his training in different courses in Madrid, France and the UK.

He has worked as a teacher, in addition to holding management positions, in different conservatories and music schools, both in Valencia and in Catalonia.

He has been artistic director of different formations, orchestras and bands, mainly, with which he has been awarded in different contests and competitions, in addition to maintaining an intense concert and training activity over the years.

He has been collaborating with the pianist and composer Carles Santos, with whom he has made different productions presented both nationally and internationally.

In the field of composition, he has a repertoire that includes everything from solo and chamber music to orchestral works, with or without choral participation. Recently he is focused on his own productions, with mixtures of acoustic and electronic music and with the participation of other artistic disciplines, such as dance, theater, literature, image, etc.

He also teaches training courses for teachers and workshops for students aimed at the use of new technologies in music education. He is the founder and promoter of MusikTic, a platform mainly dedicated to this area.