On-site course

Mixing and mastering


Propera convocatòria

20 March to 24 April

Monday, wednesday and friday

from 6.30 to 9 p.m

Duració de

30 hours

Eumes School


Mixing and mastering course at EUMES

We often think that watching tutorials on Youtube and learning the top 10 most used tricks, our subjects will sound great and the reality is another: We have to understand from the root in detail the tools that make possible these processes of dynamics, compression, saturation, mixing… Then apply it creatively to our songs.

Through this mixing and mastering course focused on the concept (in the box) you will get to know and master the techniques and tools that will allow you to make the right decisions so that your works sound with professional quality.

We could define mixing and mastering as the last creative processes within music production. The mix allows the elements to interact and communicate with each other, achieving definition and positioning; while the Mastering should make the whole set sound right on any device and be on par with other commercial productions of the same genre.

We will go straight to the advanced techniques that you need so much to get out of this limit of sound quality in which you are stuck, you will get a more objective criterion to improve and perfect the mixes according to the style and needs. You’ll master analog and digital tools that professional studios use, practicing with real projects, and you’ll notice a world of difference in sound quality before and after through practice.

Of course, we will guide you step by step to mix and master your own projects, match that sound you were looking for in a reference track, mix and polish any style and reach the demand of industry standards.


Àlex del Amo is a renowned music producer within the Dance scene, nationally and internationally. During the last 10 years he has published more than 150 references in the market and has worked together with national artists such as Julio Navas, David Tort or Les Schmitz and with international artists such as Joachim Garraud or Robbie Rivera.

His productions have entered the first positions of the main charts and have been downloaded in more than 25 countries around the world.


  • This course includes 30 hours of live classes divided into 2 and half hour blocks so you can answer any questions you may have.
  • 1 personalized tutorial.
  • Didactic material that you will acquire after finishing the course.
  • Practical exercises, applied to the theory of the course.


  • Introduction to Mixing
  • Organization of the Mix
  • Equalizers – Different types and uses
  • Compressors – Different types and uses
  • Panning, Stereo, Pseudo-stereo and M/S treatment
  • Auxiliary shipments
  • Use of saturation
  • Measurement systems


  • Monitoring criteria for mastering
  • The importance of the work space (acoustics of the space)
  • Equalization techniques and criteria for Mastering
  • Compression techniques: serial, parallel and multi-band.
  • The importance of the order of the elements in the final chain
  • Stereo image management
  • Use of the Limiter
  • Loudness (loudness level), Differences between LUFS, dBs, RMS, Peak Level, True Peak

At the end of the course you will be able to mix and master music of any genre, with applications in the music, video games or multimedia fields.

To be able to access and follow the course properly, you need to have some knowledge of music production, as well as some control of some DAW (Studio OneAbleton LiveLogic ProPro ToolsCubase, ect) and good monitors or headphones quality.

To teach this course you only need:

  • Earphones.
  • Software to set up the connection: Once you’ve signed up, we’ll send you installation instructions.
  • Intermediate knowledge of music production.