Musical Produccion

Professor de Producció Musical i Dj a Eumes Academy, joves de 10 a 17 anys.

Lluís Huguet is a young man from Menorca who has loved music and specifically electronic music since he was a child.

During his teenage years he discovered the world of DJing and dedicated himself to playing for private parties on his native island. At 18 he landed in Girona to begin his musical training at EUMES. Doing the Diploma in advanced music and sound he discovered the world of music production and more techno sounds. In the third year of the diploma, he was able to work with other students from the school and a local events promoter to create La Mercè Electrònica. It is there that he took his first steps as a DJ in a more professional way and with his new aka “CHANGE”. After finishing EUMES he trained as a sound technician at the CFGS of the ETECAM school from Salt.

He has performed at the Delirium festival that takes place at Mas Sorrer and has been able to release several of his own productions and remixes on various record labels throughout the national scene. Nowadays he gives classes on Saturday mornings to students of the EUMES Academy course. In addition, he is one of the resident DJs at El Club, Girona’s electronic music venue. He also continues to produce electronic music with the aim of releasing it in the coming months.