EUMES is an advanced music and sound school created by active professionals in the sector in collaboration with the City Council of Girona and ERAM University School. We are willing to consolidate and lead the training in the music production, which until recently has always been developed independently.
  • Because we do not content ourselves with just teaching, we accompany and guide you towars a solid future, strenghtening your talent and objectives.
  • Because we provide you with all the facilities and required material for you to develop your creation process easily. We guarantee that our infrastructures are perfectly adapted to the necessities of the studies we offer, which are very demanding in this aspect.
  • Because we anticipate you what will happen today and we encourage you to design your future.
  • Because of the location: Girona is a city with an extensive avant-garde music tradition and culture. A cradle of great artists and musicians.
  • Because we are pioneers in comprehensive education within the music industry.
  • Because we do not limit ourselves to provide you with a series of technical courses; we educate you within a global scope of the sector.
  • Because we turn you into a 21st century musician; aside from creating, composing, mixing, recording, synthesising, sound conditioning, producing and mastering… we also teach you how to be an entrepreneur, promote, sell and manage your professional career.
  • Because we encourage the figure of the artist and creativityin the creation process.
  • Because the professional experience of our teaching teamapproaches you to reality, not only to theory or manuals.
  • Because it is a school completely designed and created for people like you: we share your passion for music and sound.