3 years of higher education in music production, mixing, mastering, music business and more.
Recognized with an own title from the Fundació Universitat de Girona.

Next call
September 2023

Morning: 9:30 -13:30h (Catalan)
Afternoon: 14:30-18:30h (Spanish)

Duration of 3 or 4 years
600 hours per year



One of the advantages of taking the Diploma in Advanced Music and Sound is the large number of career opportunities it offers.



  • Studio recording technician
  • Mixing technician
  • Mastering technician
  • Sound designer
  • Foley artist
  • Shooting recording technician

Artistic / Producer

Artistic / Producer

  • Electronic music producer
  • Producer of artists or bands
  • Producer / composer for audiovisual and entertainment industry (film, advertising and video games)

Music Business

Music Business

  • A&R on music labels
  • Artist Manager
  • Artist booking
  • Artist and Band Communication Assistant
  • Event organizer and promoter


You will learn all the skills of the music industry, from recording, composition, production and post-production to the publication, promotion and realization of any live music project.

Music Business

Develop disciplines such as management, event organization, business creation, marketing and communication, with the aim of being able to successfully carry out artistic or business projects.


Have knowledge of marketing, management, communication and business management to carry out an artistic project that provides added value to find a place in the music market.

Productor musical / Sound designer

Realitzar produccions per a diferents sectors del mercat: indústria musical, publicitat, cinema, videojocs, ràdio i altres mitjans de la indústria de l’entreteniment.

Musical productions for audiovisual media

Plan and perform music productions for record labels, radio, clubs, video games, advertising, audiovisual production, film and others.

Analyze musical movements

Identify and analyze the aesthetics of popular music movements from the 20th century to the present day, with the aim of adapting the form and content of music productions in today’s market.

Contemporary techniques

Apply contemporary techniques and languages of musical composition and its possibilities in production.

Sound recording

Perform live sound recording during filming, with an optimal knowledge of the technology used with its correct use, post-production and mastering.

Musical instruments

Plan and carry out recordings of musical instruments in the studio, through the application of microphone techniques taking into account the stylistic nature of each work.

Sound design

Perform sound design, using both synthesis and recording or creating foley (sound effects intended for sound).

Live performance

Be able to perform, in Live! or acting as a DJ, own productions and others.


Perform basic management for the creation and operation of a small business, as well as take initiative in its effectiveness.

Intellectual property

Know the mechanisms needed to self-manage intellectual property rights.