Diploma of Specialization in Advanced Music and Sound

Undergraduate diploma issued by the University of Girona Foundation: Innovation and Education and focused in music production education.

EUMES offers you the first Diploma in advanced music and sound, recognised at the end of the course as a Specialist Diploma by the Girona University Foundation: Innovation and Training. This is the first degree entirely focussed on the area of music production and sound; a pioneer in the Spanish state.

This Specialist Diploma is made up of a total of 180 ECTS credits, spread over 3 years. When you finish the Diploma, EUMES offers you the possibility of studying for a further year in the University of West London, choosing from various B.A. (HONS) courses focussing on the area of music production and sound to earn a B.A. (HONS) of international prestige from the London College of Music.

During the first year, students gain essential knowledge on music production, with the goal of training them as artists on both a creative and technical level.

Throughout the second year, the students specialise in music production for different fields: advertising, cinema, video games, mobile applications, etc.

In the third year, they are given the necessary tools to be able to develop their own professional project within the sector, through modules related to the Music Business.

The Diploma’s curriculum offers an broad perspective of the way the sector works with the goal of training entrepreneurial professionals, capable of managing their own career within the music industry in any field.


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September 2018
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Morning: 9:30h - 13:30h (Catalan)
Afternoon: 14:30h - 18:30h(Spanish)
3 years
600 hours per year
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Ableton Live I06ProductionTool
Recording techniques and Logic Pro06Sound and recordingTool
Introduction to harmony06Music and compositionConcept
Sound design I02SynthesisTool
History and aesthetics of electronic music I06 History and aesthetics of musicConcept
Sound basics04SoundConcept
Dj (optional) Live performanceTool
Advanced production I06ProductionTool
Introduction to piano03Music and compositionTool
Sound design II02SynthesisTool
Applied harmony I06Music and compositionConcept
Music language I03Music and compositionConcept
Sound dramaturgy02History and aesthetics of musicConcept
History and aesthetics of modern music I04History and aesthetics of musicConcept
Advanced production II with Cubase06ProductionTool
Mix & mastering – pop, rock, jazz06ProductionTool
Remixes and covers04ProductionCreativity
Film Scoring I02AudiovisualCreativity
Harmony II04Music and compositionConcept
Music language II05Music and compositionConcept
History and aesthetics of modern music II02History and aesthetics of musicConcept
Ableton Live II01ProductionCreativity
Film scoring II06AudiovisualCreativity
Sound design and sound for audiovisual06AudiovisualCreativity
Recording techniques II04Sound and recordingTool
Mix & mastering – Electronic music06ProductionTool
Music language III02Music and compositionConcept
Harmony III03Music and compositionConcept
Sound design III02Music and compositionConcept
Film Scoring III 06AudiovisualCreativity
Sound design for video games with Pro Tools06AudiovisualCreativity
Management03Music BusinessTool
Self-management of music projects II06Music BusinessConcept
Branding02Music BusinessConcept
Business coaching04Music BusinessCreativity
EUMES Meets Oscar Araujo01Music BusinessCreativity
Sound design for video games with Pro Tools02AudiovisualCreativity
Live acoustics and sound04SoundTool
Creation and performance of livesets04Live performanceCreativity
Events organization02Music BusinessConcept
Self-management of music projects III01Music BusinessConcept
Marketing musical04Music BusinessCreativity
Business creation and management04Music BusinessConcept

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