Diploma of Specialization in Advanced Music and Sound

Undergraduate diploma issued by the University of Girona Foundation: Innovation and Education and focused in music production education.


The Diploma in advanced music and sound offered by EUMES creates professionals with a versatile profile, with the ability to carry out their activity within the music or audiovisual sector or music business.

Those who obtain this degree will have the necessary skills to fill the following professional roles:

Music Business

Despite being a part of the music sector that is not visible to the general public, this is of vital importance for the operation of this industry as it is the base on which artists, bands, festivals and management agencies can grow within the music sector.
In the Music Business module, disciplines like management, event organisation, business creation, marketing and communication are developed in order to be able to successfully develop artistic or business projects.
Graduates who complete this module dominate communication and project management strategies with the goal of effectively reaching the public.


The paradigm shift of the music industry means a change in the role of artists, who now not only have to take care of the musical side but also that of project management.

For this reason, in addition to dominating the techniques of composition, production, recording, mixing and mastering, this role also requires knowledge of marketing, management, communication and business management. All this knowledge will help them to create artistic projects with added value to find a niche for themselves in the music market.

Today’s artists and bands have to take their shows to new levels of innovation through the implementation of new forms of expression and fusion with other disciplines like visual, multimedia or virtual reality, with the goal of generating new forms of interaction with the public.

Music producer/Sound designer

This role involves the producing of music for different sectors of the market: the music industry, advertising, cinema, video games, radio and other media of the entertainment industry, based on theoretical and practical knowledge of audiovisual narrative, recording, sound design and composition, allowing them to manage the sound/musical side of any production.

In addition to being versatile and capable of managing and carrying out the tasks of post-production, mixing, restoration and mastering of musical material, these professionals must also have the ability to work on projects developed by multi-disciplinary teams, contributing his or her knowledge and incorporating this into the projects.


General competences

Carry out the recording, composition, production, postproduction, publication, promotion and live making of all kinds of sound and/or music projects.

Professional competences

Carry out the recording, composition, production, postproduction, publication, promotion and live making of all kinds of sound and/or music projects.
To plan and produce music for record companies, the radio, clubs, video games, advertising, audiovisual producers, cinema and other sectors of digital entertainment industry.
To identify and analyse the aesthetics of the popular music movements of the 20th century to present, in order to adapt the form and content of the music produced to the current market.
To apply contemporary music composition techniques and languages and their production possibilities.
To carry out direct sound recording during filming, with optimum knowledge of the technology used and the correct cleaning, post-production and mastering.
To plan and make recordings of musical instruments in a studio, through the application of microphone techniques taking into account the style of each piece.
To carry out sound design, using both synthesis and recording or the creation of foley (sound effects to create soundtracks).
Being able to recreate, live or as a DJ, their own productions and those of others.
To carry out effective promotion through online and offline media, in both artistic and business roles.
To know the necessary mechanisms to self-manage intellectual property rights.


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September 2022
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Morning: 9:30h - 13:30h (Catalan)
Afternoon: 14:30h - 18:30h(Spanish)
3 years
600 hours per year
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