Diploma of Specialization in Advanced Music and Sound

Undergraduate diploma issued by the University of Girona Foundation: Innovation and Education and focused in music production education.



Through these subjects that are part of this module, students will acquire the necessary abilities to create productions of different music styles successfully. Through different softwares, students will learn all the necessary techniques to develop their creativity. The other pillar of this module is mixing and mastering, which are key to achieve productions which are at the height of the standards of the market.


Music and composition

This module englobes all subjects that will provide students with solid foundations of musical language and harmony knowledge. This way they will be able to create suitable music compositions easily in their productions. Through musical language, advanced harmony and an introduction to piano, students will be able to express their ideas through music.



In this theoretical-practical module, sound theory is learnt as well as necessary knowledge to be able to install sound systems in a live concert, conference or any space through the correct placing of speakers and microphones. Basic knowledge on acoustics are also learnt to make a correct conditioning of a space to work with sound.



In this module students will learn the technician functions in a recording studio. From preparing a session, necessary microphony techniques, technic differences according to the style recorded and everything that a good technician should know to carry out quality recordings. They will also learn mixing techniques that define different music styles.


History and aesthetics of music

The evolution of modern and electronic music over time will be explored through an anthropological and humanistic point of view. Students will realize how aesthetical changes emerge from the emotional atmosphere of society.



Audiovisual production is very important in EUMES, this is why there is a module for the subject where composition, music sensitivization, audiovisual analysis, sound design and music production for multimedia formats are explored. In this module conceptual, artistical and technical components are equally taught, culminating with a practical section where everything is assimilated.



This module explores all necessary techniques to master sound design through the four production standards: Serum, Massive, Spire and Fm8.

Aside from dominating all parts of the synthesizer, in this subject sound design will also be treated from a stylistic point of view.


Live performance

Internet has created a new way to understand music business. Income is not originated from CD sales or digital downloads any more; in most cases it comes from concerts or live performances, which cannot be conventional. They need to be differentiated somehow. In this module students learn how to achieve this added value in live performances.


Music Business

The objective of this module is to provide students with essential knowledge for their professional development within the music industry. Students will learn the necessary tools to be able to self-manage the artistic, business, communication, promotion and legal aspects of their career paths.


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September 2022
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Morning: 9:30h - 13:30h (Catalan)
Afternoon: 14:30h - 18:30h(Spanish)
3 years
600 hours per year
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