Club Dj, Ableton Live, Cubase, Mix & Mastering, Sound design

The course focuses on people who have no knowledge of music production as well as people who already have experience and want to refine some concepts.

Club DJ course developed in a private class format. Students are able to learn faster thanks to the personalized attention given over the course.

Throughout this course the pupils will work on the basic aspects of harmony which are crucial in music production. Addressed to pupils who are interested in music production, regardless of any specific discipline or musical genre.
In this course you will learn from the basic function of Cubase to the most advanced tools the software offers for music production.
Learn to synthesize digitally with one of the currently most used software programs. With NI Massive you will be able to create any sound from scrath, or emulate the sound of the productions of your favourite artists.
This course is aimed to people who already have knowledge of production, but need to provide their creations with a professional sound. In this course, the necessary techniques to equalize, compress, limit or apply effects to any production are acquired.



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