On-site course

Musical Production Ableton Live BASIC

Ableton Live is one of the most powerful music production tools today, and also the only software that has been created for both music composition and live music.


Propera convocatòria

January 2024

Monday, Wednesday and Friday

from 6:30 to 9 p.m.

Duració de

30 hours

Eumes School


Music production course with Ableton Live at EUMES

Ableton Live is one of the most powerful music production tools out there today, and also the only software that has been created for both music composition and live music.

With this course you will learn both about the production of any musical genre and about performing live with this software, and you will acquire an optimal workflow to be able to express ideas very quickly. The course is aimed both at people who have no knowledge about music production and people who already have experience and want to refine some concepts.

We will touch on everything necessary to learn to produce music: audio, midi, mixing, mastering the program, creating rhythms, basses, melodies, synthesis, effects, composition… And we will go far beyond the basic tools; how to be more original, recreate the effects you like from your favorite artists or finish endless tracks.

In the end everything makes sense because you will have to develop a final project in the form of a song according to the time spent and artistic project.

Ableton live clases

Carles Reixach is the director and one of the co-founders of the EUMES school, where he also teaches music production classes. He is an Ableton Certified Trainer.

He is a specialist in music production and sound design for audiovisual media. Throughout his career he has made musical productions for television (RTVE, Canal+, TV3), documentaries (“El Bulli, historia de un sueño”), advertising (Popstarz) and cinema (“Confidencias” 35mm), both national and international scope.

His experience has allowed him to work on projects of all existing styles and formats: classic, modern, electronic, acoustic, etc. Always in constant evolution and aware that music and sound are his greatest vocation, he currently works producing music and designing sounds for the video game sector.


  • This course includes 30 hours of classes so you can resolve any questions.
  • You will have access to a Mac computer with Ableton Live 11 installed, midi keyboards and drivers.
  • Teaching material that you will acquire after the end of the course.
  • Practical exercises, applied to the theory of the course.

Introduction: sound and music

  • Music production
  • Visualize sound and music
  • Sound characteristics
  • Music characteristics

Introduction to music production

  • Analysis of styles and forms of musical production
  • Musical composition
  • Instrumentation and sound design
  • Mixing and mastering
  • Less is more

Daw Workflow

  • Introduction
  • Arrangement / session / browser / mixer
  • Clip View / Devices
  • Playback, recording and editing controls.
  • Instruments / plugins
  • Audio and midi effects
  • Automations / modulations
  • Preferences
  • Shortcuts

Audio Workflow

  • Digital audio formats
  • Live audio editing
  • Audio processing
  • Basic warp
  • Warp modes
  • Extract melody / drums / harmony / groove
  • Introduction to audio effects
  • Export audio / video

MIDI Workflow

  • The midi-format
  • Live instruments
  • MIDI clip creation
  • Live midi edit
  • Clip view and note editor
  • Recording and overdubbing
  • Introduction to midi effects

Introduction to samplers

  • History
  • Modulation: Basics
  • Simpler
  • Boost
  • Drum rack (part I)
  • Sampler (Part I)

Introduction to synthesizers

  • What is a synthesizer?
  • History
  • Synthesizer Types
  • Synthesis Types (Overview)
  • Sound parameters
  • Structure, architecture and parameters in the synthesizer
  • Introduction to analog synthesis

Subtractive Synthesis I

  • What is
  • When to use it
  • Wave types and sound sources
  • Signal path and options | analog (Ableton Live)
  • Types of sound
  • Creation of basic presets

Synthesis wavetables I

  • What is?
  • When to use it
  • Wavetable and sound sources
  • Signal path and options (Ableton Wavetable)
  • Create your own wavetables
  • Creating basic presets

Mixing I – basic concepts

  • Mixing and mastering
  • Perception and psychoacoustics
  • Stereo width
  • Color / saturation / distortion
  • Acoustics

Mixing II- basic tools I: volume, pan and frequency

  • The mixer
  • Inserts and Sends/Returns
  • Signal routing
  • Frequency
  • Analyzers

Mixing II – dynamics / saturation / acoustics

  • Dynamic
  • Color (saturation)
  • Acoustics

Audio effects I: frequency, dynamics, stereo width

  • Frequencies
  • Dynamic
  • Stereo width

Audio effects II: distortion, modulation, acoustics

  • Distortion
  • Modulation
  • Acoustics

The student, after completing the course, will acquire the following knowledge:

  • Professional control over the software.
  • Creation of musical productions.
  • Performing live shows.
    * Be careful, with this course you begin to understand how to do a live show, but not at all.

Wear helmets, a hard drive or pen drive and to take notes, in class you will have a mac computer with the program to work; home we recommend that you have the program to improve, not included in the course. You can download the 3-month demo here: https://www.ableton.com/en/trial/